May 11th - Pattison Lake

Non-Members Welcome!

Breakfast at Hawks Prairie at 4:30
Shari's Cafe and Pies
4525 Martin Way SE E
Open 24 hours

Launch at 6am.

June 9th - Lake Tapps (SUNDAY)

Non-Members Welcome!
Lake Tapps, launch at 6 am. Breakfast at Denny’s at 4:30.

2022 198th Ave. E., Lake Tapps Wa 98391

July 6th - Lake Sawyer (NIGHT EVENT)

Non-Members Welcome!
Lake Sawyer, launch at 10 PM.
Chili dogs at 9 pm.
Folks this is a Night Fish-In. Plan accordingly.

August 4th - Hicks Lake (SUNDAY)

Non-Members Welcome!
Launch at 6 am. Breakfast at Shari's: 4525 Martin Way SE E Lacey, 4:30am.

September 7th - Lake Goodwin - CANCELLED

Sorry, this event has been cancelled due to several events including Labor Day, Cast for Kids, and a Tournament.

October 5th - Lake Whatcom

Non-Members Welcome!
Launch at 6am. Breakfast at a place to be determined.

April 6th - Lawrence lake

Non-Members Welcome!
Launch at 7 am. Breakfast at Denny’s in Spanaway at 5:30