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Club Profile: Western Bass Club
This article appeared in the 1996 edition of Bass Club Digest, a national magazine heralded as "The voice of bass clubs across the nation".

Fishing with Dad
The experience of fishing with one's father is vividly expressed in this touching story by club member Chuck Bailey. Relive your own experiences as Chuck explains why you should take somebody you care about fishing whenever the opportunity arrives.

Livewell Basics
How does your live well stack up? What should you look for in a high quality live well? How do you take proper care of it? Do you have to live with built in problems or can you make it better? Warm water specialist Ed Telders shows you how to transform your livewell into a safe and healthy fish motel.

For 50 Years, Club Promotes Northwest Bassin'
This article article appeared in the March 19, 1992 edition of Bass Club News, a special insert in Fishing and Hunting News, and was circulated around the western United States.

Shortsleeve Fishing in January?
If you put your fishing gear away for the winter that's a mistake. There's plenty of big bass to be caught, you just have to change your tactics. Club member, Grand-Slam award winner and past president Larry Gonzcy tells us how!

The Year of the Crank
Larry Gonczy field tested Normark's Risto Rap crankbait and explains why this year may be your "Year of the Crank".

The Husky Jerk
WBC member Chuck Bailey reviews this jerkbait. In the process, he gives a thorough seminar in this neglected but productive approach to connecting with shallow water bass!

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