April Tournament - Lake Washington [TEAM]

WBC Members Only
Lake Washington: (Team)
April 15-16th
Launch - Newport Shores

Blast off: 6:30am (approx.)

May Tournament - Silver Lake [INDIVIDUAL]

WBC Members Only

Silver Lake: (Individual)

May 6-7th
Launch - Streeter’s
Blast off: 5:45am (approx.)

Camping/lodging options:

Tournament director will be at Streeter’s.

June Tournament - Potholes [INDIVIDUAL]

WBC Members Only

Potholes: (Individual)
June 10-11th
Launch - Potholes State Park
Blast off: 5:00am (approx..)


No hook up free camping

Tournament director will be at Blythe:

(30 secs from state park. 5,000-watt generator can charge 2 other boats if 2 others park near me. All camping within 5 mins. Getting together sat night no problem.)

July Tournament - Lake Tapps [TEAM]

WBC Members Only

Lake Tapps: (Team)
July 1-2nd
Launch - North Lake Tapps Park
Blast off: 6:45am (approx.)

August Tournament - Lake Roosevelt [INDIVIDUAL]

WBC Members Only

Roosevelt: (Individual)
August 12-13th
Launch - Spring Canyon
Drivers Meeting: 5:20am
Blast off: 5:45am (approx., safe light)


Spring Canyon Campground (no hookups)
Coulee Playland

Multiple motels in town and outskirts

Tournament director will be staying at coulee playland

Sign-ups will be at Coulee Playland Thursday evening and Friday, after pre-fishing, as well. Sign up before Saturday if you can. Large black/white motorhome.

Sign-ups also at Spring canyon Saturday morning @ 4:30am-5:15.

Driver's meeting @ 5:20

Blast Off: 5:30-5:45 (Sunrise is 5:45, will only blast off before, if safe light)

Lots of dock space. No other tournaments this weekend. So please launch and be tied up before driver's meeting if possible so we can get after it asap.

September Tournament - Sammamish [INDIVIDUAL]

WBC Members Only

Sammamish: (Individual)
September 9-10th
Launch - Lake Sammamish State Park
Blast off: 6:45am (approx.)

Howdy all. I (Don) will be filling in for Carl at the Lk Sammamish tourney. The park gates do not open until 6 am. I am hoping to have blast off as soon as everyone gets on the water. I will be at the McDonald's just south of the boat launch at 5 am for sign up. At 550 we will all head to the park and await the opening of the gate. PLEASE do not show up to the park without signing up at McDonalds. This would only delay our start. I'll make another post with details later on in the week.

October Tournament - Alder Lake [TEAM]

WBC Members Only

Lake Tapps: (Team)
October 7-8th
Launch - Alder Lake Park
Blast off: 7:15am (approx.)

Tapps Boat Launch

More Details to come...