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C.A.S.T for Kids and Take a Warrior Fishing

WBC regularly participates in both these richly rewarding events. We post the next events on our page as they come up. Your participation is greatly appreciated by the Kids and Warriors.

You can also learn more about both events at the links below.

Ambassador Program

The purpose of the Ambassador Program is to help better acquaint new members with the Western Bass Club and to help them become better anglers. The program is designed to quickly eliminate that initial feeling of being an "outsider" when you first join a club. The program works in several ways:

  1. First the new member is given an informational packet complete with information about the club and its activites. Included with this packet is a "Basics of Bass Fishing" guide and a fishing log to fill out after each fishing trip.
  2. Several "Fish-Ins" are scheduled during the year for all members. These are informal get-togethers where current and new members fish for fun. The "Fish-In" includes meeting for breakfast before hitting the lake and a pot-luck style picnic for lunch before heading out again to catch the evening bite.

The Ambassadors compete to win a trophy for "Ambassador of the Year" awarded to the person who does an outstanding job acquainting new members with the club and helping them become better anglers. The net result insures the longevity of the Nations oldest bass club.

Greenslip Program

The monthly Greenslip program is open to all WBC members and is separate from the Big Bass Kitty. There is no preregistration. Each member may enter as many fish as they wish, and the bass must be caught in Washington on a public lake or stream with an artificial lure, witnessed, and weighed on a club-certified scale. All entries must be submitted to the WBC forum thread for that month. The eligibility period is from general membership meeting to general membership meeting. In order to qualify for the monthly award or Big Stringer of the Year (see Annual Awards), entries must be on a Greenslip.

Perch, walleye, bluegill, and crappie can also be entered to qualify for the Grand Slam award (See Grand Slam Award). Entries submitted after the meeting following the period an entry was caught will qualify for Big Fish of the Year, Annual Certificates, and Grand Slam Award, but not for the monthly cash award. Although a member’s fish may not be the biggest fish of the month, it is still important to turn in greenslips. Certificates are handed out at the Awards Banquet for all smallmouth bass caught over four pounds, all largemouth bass caught over 5 pounds, and all submitted and qualifying Grand Slam fish. The certificates are your proof of qualification for the Grand Slam Award.

Grand Slam Award

The coveted Grand Slam Award is open to all members of the WBC. It requires members become proficient in catching a variety of warm water species, rather than only bass. To qualify for the Grand Slam Award, you must catch six warm water fish over these minimum specified weights:

Minimum Requirements
Largemouth Bass Five pounds
Smallmouth Bass Four pounds
Perch One 1/2 pounds
Walleye Six pounds
Bluegill One pound
Crappie Two pounds

Fish qualifying for the Grand Slam Award may be caught on public waters in any state, but they have to be weighed on an accurate scale, witnessed and submitted to the club on a Greenslip. Artificial lures only. The contest is on-going meaning there isn't a time limit. Each fish caught over the aforementioned minimum size limit is addded to your total for as many years as it takes for you to achieve this award.

To date, only one member, Larry Gonczy, has won this coveted award during the entire history of the Western Bass Club. Larry is still a very active member in the club today. Congratulations Larry!!

Tackle Swap Meet

The club sponsors an annual tackle sale and swap meet at the general meeting in March. Many tackle representatives as well as individual members bring fishing tackle or other outdoor oriented gear to sell or swap. The meeting is open to members and non-members alike.

This is an ideal time to get rid of extra gear and pick up other equipment you have been aching to try. Many good deals are found for those seeking to fill out their tackle boxes. In addition, several lure collectors are always on hand, eager to exchange or buy valuable items to fill out their collections.

Annual Awards Banquet

Western Bass Club holds an Annual Awards Banquet at the end of each year. We gather for great food and wonderful company in a family friendly atmosphere. At the event we feast while handing out awards and raffle prizes. The date and location is announced each year. Family welcome! Visit our Facebook page for Event Details.