C.A.S.T for Kids - Lake Washington

September 8, 2018

This is a C.A.S.T. for Kids event designed to provide children with disabilities, ages 5 – 17, the opportunity to enjoy a quality outdoor recreational experience through the  sport of fishing. Take to the water with C.A.S.T. for an unforgettable morning of fishing and boating!

Take a Warrior Fishing - Lake Washington

September 29, 2018

This Take a Warrior Fishing event is designed to support military personnel and their families, specifically targeting persons assigned to Warrior Transition Commands, by creating an adaptive, community-based outdoor recreation experience through the sport of fishing.  Participants will have the opportunity to spend a morning on the water targeting a variety of species of fish, receive a high-quality Lew’s rod & reel combo and Flambeau tackle bag, and will return to shore for lunch.

All equipment is provided to participants and licenses are not needed.

Dropshot Only Part 2 - Lake Washington [2018]

Sunday, July 15 at 6 AM - 12 PM

Gene Coulon Memorial Beach Park

Like the title says, you can only use the dropshot rig. You cannot combine another lure to use as your weight. Those down south can meet at Coulon and launch from there, but we'll motor up to the Mercer launch for the driver's meeting. That way those up north won't have to drive all the way down south. We'll meet back up at the Mercer Launch at noon. Please bring a package of Senkos with you. Non-boaters are welcomed. Event date is subject to change.

Draw Your Lure Fish-Off [2018]

Sunday, June 3rd at 7 AM - 12 PM on Lake Sammamish

Fish should be aggressive and hit almost anything, but we're going to do something different. You won't be able to use all of your rods or lures. You will draw on what you can use. You'll get to draw on which two lures to use and you won't know until the boater's meeting. At noon, we'll meet up at the sunken forest to see who caught the biggest fish. We'll meet at the boat launch at 7am. Please make sure you have a discovery pass and it'll cost $7 to launch your boat. Non-boaters are welcomed and we'll get you on a boat, but please post on the Facebook event if you are a non-boater. Please bring an unopened crankbait and we'll talk about why later. After weigh-in, we can go back to fishing and use whatever you want.

Launch: Lake Sammamish State Park Boat Launch