Kodiak Lyons

  • Year's bass fishing: 5
  • Favorite Lake: Lake Tapps
  • Favorite Lure: Dropshot
Memorable fishing moment
Watching a 6lb largemouth inhale my bait in clear water, my biggest bass so far. Do you prefer Largemouth or Smallmouth bass and why. Smallmouth, each one is a mean underwater serial killer.

Carl Sabin

  • Years bass fishing: 39
  • Favorite Lake: Banks Lake
  • Favorite Lure: largemouth - spinnerbait, Smallmouth - 5inch Yamamoto salt & pepper grub on 3/8th darter head.
  • Preferred Species: Smallmouth. Nothing better than finding a wolfpack of 3-5lb smallmouth.
Memorable fishing moment
  1. Qualifying for the Las Vegas regionals through west coast bass and U.S. bass with my father in the 80's.
  2. Doing trick casting shows and seminars at the Sportsmans expos between age 7-13.

Brad Johnson

  • Year's bass fishing: 13
  • Favorite Lake: Don't have a favorite lake. I like almost all lakes we fish for different reasons.
  • Favorite Lure: Don't have a favorite lure.
  • Preferred Species: I don't have a preference.
Memorable fishing moment
Potholes tournament 5 years ago. It was the last time I fished with my dad.

Rocky Beemen Jr.

  • Year's bass fishing: 26
  • Favorite Lake: Lake Tapps or Banks Lake
  • Favorite Lure: Topwater/frogs or Hula grubs
  • Preferred Species: I love them both!
Memorable fishing moment
My son's first fishing trip this summer to Banks Lake.

Daniel Langel

  • Year's bass fishing: 30 years (started around 10 years old going to Potholes with my dad and his friend)
  • Favorite Lake: Ohop and Clear lake in Pierce county
  • Favorite Lure: Ned Rig/Senko/Whopper Plopper
  • Preferred Species: I like the fight of smallies put up but I absolutely love catching a big ol bucketmouth!
Memorable fishing moment
Catching my first bass on a spinner bait at potholes when I was 10 thinking it was a carp.. and A few years ago at Whitman lake in pierce county threw a senko up along a long while on my pontoon boat, I thought I snagged it on the log and turned out to be my biggest bass I have ever caught it was over 6lbs!

Don Hankinson

  • Year's bass fishing: 38
  • Favorite Lake: Washington Potholes (or Silver)
  • Favorite Lure: Zoom Brush Hawg or Zman Ned TRD
  • Preferred Species: Love fishing period. Roosterfish in Cabo, smallmouth in Washington, salmon in BC.
Memorable fishing moment
Potholes tournament 5 years ago. It was the last time I fished with my dad.

Jason Crandall

  • Year's bass fishing: 30
  • Favorite Lake: Potholes
  • Favorite Lure: Frog
  • Preferred Species: Whatever is biting better
Memorable fishing moment
My first year bass fishing. I was about 10, and My uncle gave me a jitterbug and took me night fishing. The next day I developed bass fever.

Mack Randle

  • Year's bass fishing: 20 years bass fishing
  • Favorite Lake: Banks Lake is my favorite in Washington.
  • Favorite Lure: Favorite lure would have to be Reaction Innovation Vixen.
  • Preferred Species: I enjoy both smallmouth and largemouth but my favorite is fishing for spotted bass.
Memorable fishing moment
Fishing my first FLW series tournament as a boater.

Larry Sullivan

  • Year's bass fishing: 35 - 25 with Western Bass Club
  • Favorite Lake: Banks Lake
  • Favorite Lure: Lure....Senko... Green Pumpkin.
  • Preferred Species: Prefer Largemouth Fishing
Memorable fishing moment
Winning the 2015 Bass Club Jamboree. 

Ernest Griffin

  • Year's bass fishing: 25 years
  • Favorite Lake: Lake Washington - because it's a difficult yet challenging and fun lake to figure out the various fishing techniques to be successful.
  • Favorite Lure: Drop Shot & Senko
  • Preferred Species: Primary smallmouth
Memorable fishing moment
Catching a 6.6 small mouth bass on a jerk bait in the dunes on Potholes.

Derek Monaghan

  • Year's bass fishing: 25 years
  • Favorite Lake: Potholes
  • Favorite Lure: Walking topwater. There's nothing that gets the adrenaline pumping like a massive blow up on the surface.
  • Preferred Species: Smallmouth because they fight harder.
Memorable fishing moment
Attending a trout fishing derby with my daughters. My girls were using those little Disney princess poles as we were trolling my oldest had a fish hit and rip her pole right out of the back of the boat. She then asked what happened to my pole? Hard to explain to a 4 year old what had just happened and now she doesn't have a pole. Someone did snag it later on.. 

Rodney Heupel

  • Year's bass fishing: Started fishing as a young kid, walleye and northern pike in North Dakota. I’ve been bass fishing 33 years after I accidently caught my first bass on a silver black backed Rapala on a Ft. Lewis marsh.
  • Favorite Lake: There are so many. For fun fishing it has to be Banks Lake. For tournament fishing that would be Pot Holes.
  • Favorite Lure: I have no one favorite lure, but really enjoy throwing a big 10 to 12 inch worm come mid-summer through fall.
  • Preferred Species: Love catching both, the fight of a smallmouth just can’t be beat!
Memorable fishing moment
Winning Angler of the Year.

Chris Blandi

  • Year's bass fishing: About 22 years
  • Favorite Lake: Long Lake in Lacey, but before it got opened year round.
  • Favorite Lure: It's a toss between a 8" Huddleston swimbait and a Jig with a big craw trailer. Both get big bites. When you go for hours without a bite then feel that tick, your heart races more than ever.
  • Preferred Species: I have always been a Largemouth, shallow water guy. They grow bigger and I think that's what does it for me. BUT whenever I hook even a 12 inch Smallmouth I have a ton of fun, they fight so much better.
Memorable fishing moment
I'd say my most memorable moment is the first time I cashed a check. Me and my Ford co-worker were fishing a Silver Lake open.. It was typical Silver Lake, slow. Then around 11 a.m. while we were joking around, I felt my jig rod tick and it was on. Get the net. We landed a largemouth a little over 5 lb 9 oz. That was our only bite of the day. We were literally packing up to leave when another club member said hey go over to the awards I think you guys placed. Turns out we got third place and missed Big Fish by 1.5 Oz. We drove home with $408 and a huge smile on our faces.

Craig Bukowski

  • Year's bass fishing: 9 years. Fished for muskies and walleye mostly all my life but switched to mostly bass 9 years ago.
  • Favorite Lake: Potholes
  • Favorite Lure: Swim jig – love the Strike King Hack Attack Heavy cover swim jig with a Rage Swimmer trailer
  • Preferred Species: I love catching fat, fired up smallmouth, but there is nothing better than setting the hook on a large green when you are pitching and you see your line jump! That’s why I love Potholes so much!
Memorable fishing moment
Catching a 7lb largemouth on Lake Washington after my line broke. I set the hook skipping a Strike King Ocho under a dock and my line broke. I saw my line floating on top of the water next to the boat and it started to move. I grabbed the line with my hands and when I felt tension, I set the hook again and started to wrap the line around my hands as I pulled in the fish. I had no idea how big it was and since the line snapped about 8 feet from the hook, my hands were all tangled up so I had to roll over on the deck to pull the fish in. The favorite fish pic above is that fish. Cool thing was, the Blue Angles were flying over practicing for SeaFair at the same time.

Phillip LaRosee

  • Year's bass fishing: 7 years
  • Favorite Lake: Pot holes
  • Favorite Lure: Space Monkey with a pegged 3/8 weight
  • Preferred Species: Largemouth because I like to fish shallow.
Memorable fishing moment
My partner catching an 8lb largemouth at the Washington team tournament last year.

Jose Gomez

  • Year's bass fishing: 20 years
  • Favorite Lake: Lake Washington
  • Favorite Lure: Football head jig with hulla grub
  • Preferred Species: Smallmouth because they don't give up.
Memorable fishing moment
My first trophy with the club, October 2007, big fish, 6lb 11oz smallmouth

Kai Wikstrom

  • Year's bass fishing: Bass fished for as long as I remember. Probably about 15 years.
  • Favorite Lake: Lake Washington
  • Favorite Lure: Keitech swing impact fat. So many ways to fish it.
  • Preferred Species: I prefer smallmouth. I respect how hard they fight, and grew up catching them. Big smallmouth have a special place in my heart
Memorable fishing moment
My first bass ever was a 5lb prespawn smallmouth, on a worm and bobber when I was 6 years old. That's the fish that got me hooked on fishing.

Stu Karpenko

  • Year's bass fishing: 17 Years
  • Favorite Lake: Banks and Roosevelt
  • Favorite Lure: Carolina Rig with a 6" watermelon seed Zoom lizard
  • Preferred Species: Smallmouth. I love how hard they hit and fight and they are most prominent in the lakes I like to fish.
Memorable fishing moment
Partner Mark Maderos and I won the Frostbite Tournament at Banks to complete 3rd, 2nd and 1st in consecutive years.

Mike Remmey

  • Year's bass fishing: 38 years!
  • Favorite Lake: Kapowsin
  • Favorite Lure: Vision 110
  • Preferred Species: 
Memorable fishing moment
Winning Chelan with only 11lbs! Do you prefer Smallmouth or Largemouths and why? Smallmouth because they fight harder.